Yacht sail repairs

Clew repair genoa

The top of a completely new genoa (just 2-3 months old) had already been torn off and the clew was burned off cold and a stainless steel ring was applied with a polyester band, here the dacron had already started to fray considerably. Top repaired with 3 Dyneema straps which are stitched 50 cm to the sail BB + SB and the clew repaired / reinforced with leather.

Clew genoa reinforced repaired

Genoa reef

A storm reef placed in a genoa at the request of the customer.

Renewed retard + UV strip

Mylar sail 'spiced up'

Renew air tape

Repair genoa

Repair of a roller jib. The genoa was completely torn from its corpses and the clew was completely torn from the sail. This is because the sail has been rolled up in wind and weather for several seasons (approx. 3-4) without any protection.

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