Prevention and protection in one product!

VuPlex® is designed for use within the demanding aerospace industry. This product provides a fast, safe and effective solution for the maintenance of plastic / plastic. The ingredients of VuPlex® are specially selected and tested to achieve a fast result with high quality, but above all with a minimum of effort. Most cleaning products use abrasives to remove dirt and scratches. This not only causes more scratches on the surface, but over time the plastic / plastic weakens due to the continuous sanding. VuPlex® works in the opposite direction: it adds a fine layer of filler material, which gives the surface extra protection. The result is a glossy finish of clear and / or colored plastics, making it look like new again.

VuPlex® is not only preventive, but also provides protection. When applied to new plastic / plastic, it protects the surface against premature aging. If the plastic already has fine scratches and is soiled, VuPlex® can restore the surface and clarity of the plastic. VuPlex® leaves a shiny and protective layer.

Cleaning instructions

Shake the can of VuPlex® well before use!

Spray VuPlex® on the surface and rub with a soft cotton / terry towel. A microfiber cloth can also be used for new plastic / plastic. This is how simple and fast VuPlex® works, on both soft and hard plastics.

VuPlex® prevents and repairs.


Although plastic has many advantages, this material also has weaknesses. When cleaning with most cleaning agents, fine, superficial scratches easily develop, resulting in a build-up of dirt and a matt surface.

How does VuPlex® work?

The five results of VuPlex® in one quick action.

  1. VuPlex® cleans by using safe ingredients that do not damage the surface.
  2. It applies a fine coating to the surface, which protects the plastic against (micro) scratches.
  3. The wax layer provides a barrier against water and other weather conditions that lead to aging and loss of brightness.
  4. VuPlex® has an anti-static effect. As a result, other abrasive materials, such as dust, sand, dirt, etc., cannot adhere properly and that prevents damage.
  5. VuPlex® restores shine and gives a clear, new look to the surface.

The finish is not sticky or greasy and this glossy result can be achieved in just seconds.