Various repairs


Of course, any repair to your tarpaulin, hood, boat cover, splash cover, skirt, etc. is possible.

renovation boat cover

Complete renovation of a boat cover. All 5 windows had “decayed” and were almost completely gone. Because the stitching in the roof seams had disappeared and are therefore only holes, you will get leakage. The owner had overcome this by sticking DUCKTAPE to the inside of the hood along all roof seams! After inspecting the material, which was still in very good condition, I advised the customer to stitch the hood completely through, new windows and a good cleaning at (in this case) Red Gull / Belser. The customer followed this advice. Below the result before and after all actions. The hood seems completely new!

Boat cover new windows and zippers

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(click on the picture for a larger view) De Zeilerij is also your address for replacement of your tarpaulin, hood, boat cover, splash covers, Rokon.

Furthermore, (almost) anything you can think of can be made! You can also contact us for your pillows.

Sprayhood renovation

The sprayhood was completely apart because, among other things, the seams were not stitched again in time, so the wind has all the grip on it, which results in the following. Major tear and tears. In order to “camouflage” the large crack, new windows have been drawn out and inserted in the sides, so that the repair of that large crack is hardly noticeable. Because the seams had also come completely loose due to wear and tear of the yarns, these were re-taped where possible and stitched back together as much as possible in / on the old stitching holes. The accompanying harbor sail (= the sloping rear sail) has also been newly taped and stitched. This way, this hood can last for a number of years. Is it always more affordable than a completely new one, and if the old one still functions properly, you don’t need a new one, do you?

Padded cover for a transverse frame for shows such as the Hiswa (mobile with handy handles)

Hiswa cover

Client wanted an anemoscope according to his own drawing

Follow the photo story of the sprayhood worn to the wire and how it is copied into a new hood.

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