Tents repairs

Tents repair for different types of tents

The options for tent repair are:

  • replace zippers or add zippers;
  • Renew or add windows;
  • repair cracks and squares;
  • putting on or renewing curtains;
  • add or repair tunnels;
  • set up new tendon for an awning
  • replace old tendon with a new one
  • etc.

Inflatable tent - repair tube

The Red Cross asked if we could repair the blowing tube. Yes, we can too. It was a job for 2 men, the tent weighed 135 kg! and when folded it already had the size of 1.5 m3. Inner jacket renewed with cotton, so that the tube itself has a protection, then with a strip of PVC (coincidentally almost the same color) the outer jacket is stitched up again.

Tent repair - Doréma tent

Too hard was pulled during removal while the panel was still attached to something. Result: major damage to the tent material, but also to the window. To keep this major repair somewhat affordable, we repaired the window by means of placing a new piece of window film exactly on the white lines of the window. Almost invisible. The damage in the panel has been replaced with as much similar tent cloth as possible.

Tent repair crack in the ridge

In the cotton camping tent, a storm hit the stick right through the ridge. Sailmaker De Zeilerij has made this large crack neat again.

Isabella tent storm damage and repair

Isabella tent storm damage and repair with Isabella tent material.

Make Isabella (winter) tent divisible

Due to the customer’s osteoarthritis, this awning (because it consists of 1 whole) is not easy to set up. Customer question: ”……. is it possible to make the awning divisible ”?

Solution: the 2 side panels made completely detachable by means of replace the existing zipper with a divisible zipper with 2 runners and a new divisible zipper on the side with a large flap against the elements.

Isabella tents are repaired by us with original Isabella parts.


Motorhome awning in frame repaired

This is why I find the work of a sailmaker so very challenging and fun! Problem: the awning of the camper, which is attached to the camper in a roller mechanism with 2 movable arms, is torn at the (front) tendon over the length of about 20 cm. Usually the cassette is screwed off the camper and repaired in the workshop. Because the awning is still in the roll, this repair is done with 2 people. These customers were passing through and happened to pass by the sailmaker’s De Zeilerij and asked if we could help them. Unfortunately, the camper and awning was of such an age that the fixings could hardly be detached. So we had to come up with another solution: To prevent damage or broken screws, it is simpler to just leave the awning in place, unscrew the fixings from the side in the front part, then slide the awning out of its profile as much as possible and then the sewing machine underneath. Why bring the mountain to Moses when we can drive Moses to the mountain? Customers very happy and we proud! —- ————— ——— TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING: —- WE HAVE DONE THE REPAIR OF THE CRACK, THE CANOPY MUST BE DETACHED AND ASSEMBLED BY THE CUSTOMER. SOMETIMES THE SCREWS ARE SO TIGHT THAT THE CHANCE OF BREAK-OFF IS HIGH. IF WE HAVE TO DO THIS, THE COST OF REPAIR WILL BE REFERRED TO. A NEW CANOPY TOO HIGH.

Braided patio cover

Awning repairs:

  • roof repair;
  • renew, replace or add to the tunnel;
  • replace tendon;
  • tearing of the clamp lips
  • torn eyes / stockings
  • etc.


Awning repairs:

  • cracks and fissures;
  • replace zippers or use new ones;
  • replacing or adding new windows;
  • replace mud flap / put it on again;
  • turn on storm band;
  • renew tendon;
  • Put the tendon along the front for the installation of an awning
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