Sprayhood renovation

From a completely digested sprayhood, a nice new sprayhood.

A customer came into the sailmaker with his sprayhood worn down to the wire and a roll of material with the unusual question whether we were willing to copy his sprayhood. A con colleague would do this job, but canceled at the last minute.

Nou gaan wij een uitdaging niet uit de weg en hebben deze dus ook aangenomen. hieronder volgt in een foto-verhaal het proces van de oude buiskap naar een zeer mooie kap.

TUBE COVER> from almost given up to as good as new hood

By not showing the hood in time and having the seams re-stitched, the strong wind has gained a grip on the hood and it has become considerably damaged.

We have repaired the very large crack in the side panel from the front window. two side windows. Then there was only a small crack that was repaired almost invisibly by us.

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