Yacht sail repairs

This Zaanse sailmaker “de Zeilerij” is specialized in sail repair on all types of sails. We can repair your yacht sail (often) within 3 to 14 working days. Picking up and delivering your sail is also possible. We can carry out the following repairs for you:

• Turn on UV strip
• Replace Leuvers with air tape
• 1st, 2nd and / or 3rd reef places etc.
View all options and sample photos here

Tents and awnings

Tents and awnings can last for years thanks to proper maintenance. Tearing a tent doesn’t have to be the end. Let us make the following repairs:

• Renew or add windows
• Replace mud flap
• Switch on or renew curtains etc.
View all options and sample photos here

Kites and surf sails

Zeilmakerij “De Zeilerij” provides work that allows you to get on the water without a boat. Your kite or surfboard can take you back in tow after the repair has been carried out by us.

We can do this for you:

• Insert a new monofilm panel
• Repairing cracks etc.
• View all options here and sample photos

Various repairs

If it can go under a sewing machine, we can fix it. So also come to us for the following repairs:

• Tarpaulins
• Party tents
• Curtains etc.
• View all options and sample photos here