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Sailmaker “DE ZEILERIJ”, celebrated its 1st lustrum of 5 years on January 8, 2016 and is entering the next 5 (0) years with great energy.

We are located on / on the Fabriekweg 1, 1525 RB Westknollendam.

The sailmaker is run by Ingrid Herrebrugh, together with Ruud (Ingrid’s husband) and due to the great growth of recent years a full-time sailmaker, Germ de Haan and extra (apprentice) employees.

All practice the profession of sailmaker in many facets with passion and with a focus on delivering quality.

Sail repair;

  • From a crack to a new strip
  • From a leuver to placing a new reef.
  • Apply air tape and shorten the sail if necessary.
  • Up to the installation of a UV strip.

But you can contact De Zeilerij not only for repairs to yacht sails, but also all other repairs and / or replacement of, for example:

  • sprayhood
  • cockpit cover
  • harbor sail
  • winter tent
  • splash sails
  • hood
  • rokon
  • pool cover
  • tent
  • awning
  • tarpaulin
  • motorcycle covers
  • kite and surf sail etc.

can be performed by us.

Your cushions can also be reupholstered or delivered completely new.

Even “renovation” of your boat cover! You are convinced that it needs to be replaced, but very often complete stitching, repair (such as new windows, zippers) and a good cleaning is enough to make your hood last for years to come. See various examples on the REPAIRS page.

Ingrid Herrebrugh

Via the 7-year-old girl who made doll clothes on her mother’s treadle sewing machine, started making clothes herself and renewing designs into old dining room chairs by painting and reupholstering, making curtains, etc. to her own boat cushions, hood (s) , splash covers and covers for the fenders, I have been working behind the sewing machine all my life, simply because that was and is my biggest hobby.

De Zeilerij